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HSE Management

HSE management system is a kind of risk analysis, to determine its own activities possible hazards and consequences, so as to take effective means to prevent and control measures to prevent accidents, in order to reduce the staff is likely to cause injury, property damage and environmental pollution of effective management methods. HSE management system is the international oil industry widely adopted modern management method, also is the passport to enter the international market competition.

H (Health) is to point to people without the body, mentally (spiritual) maintain a good state;

S Safety (security) is to point to in labor process, efforts to improve working conditions, to overcome the unsafe factor, that labor production in the guarantee laborers' health, enterprise property from losses, under the premise of people's life Safety smoothly;

E Environment (Environment) is closely related to human, affect human life and production activities of the sum of all the forces of nature or function.

HSE management system is to organize the implementation of health, safety and environmental management of the organization, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources elements such as organic composition as a whole, these elements through the advanced, scientific and systematic operation mode organically fuses in together, connected to each other, and interaction, form the dynamic management system.

The purpose of the HSE:

The pursuit of maximum limit is not an accident, do not damage the health, do not damage the environment, improve the enterprise SAN miguel.

The summary of HSE management system:

HSE management System (Health, Safety and Environment System), the Health, Safety and environmental management System, is the international oil companies to reduce and eliminate the oil in the industrial production the possibility of Health, Safety and environmental risks, protect the personal Safety and the ecological Environment to develop a System of measures for the administration. Since 1991, the American society of petroleum engineers (SPE) has held respectively in the Netherlands, Indonesia, the United States for three times in the oil and gas exploration and development, health, safety and environment to promote the oil industry, health, safety and environmental management standardization. In January 1996, the international organization for standardization (ISO) is responsible for the structure of materials, equipment and offshore oil and gas industry standard of the technical committee ISO/TC67 board, issued ISO/CD14690 the oil and gas industry health, safety and environmental management system "(the draft standard). Although this standard has not been approved by the international organization for standardization of formal release, but has been recognized by the world's major oil companies and become the oil and gas industry companies to enter the international market. The original oil and gas industry in China head office reference ISO/CD14690 released on June 27, 1997, the industry standard SY/T6276-1997 "the oil and gas industry health, safety and environmental management system", on September 1, 1997.



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