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    Cinature Shipping Background  Cinature Holding started in the container shipping business from 2005,which has developed some national and international companies,include Dalian new-hope international logistics company,Shenzheng WanGang logistics company,Shenzheng GuangHui shipping company,  ShangHai Cinature shipping company, Singapore IMC shipping company and HongKong GMT shipping company. Owned and managed a fleet of 70 vessels.Management team members all graduated from famous Maritime University,who are experienced in shipping operation and shippin management professionals talents.We have established modern computer managed information network system In container logistics transportation management.We using advanced measures to operate and manage our shipping transportation.We established good coperation relationship and signed the Yangtze River Branch agreemen with domestic and foreign famous shipping company.We can carry out multiple-modal combined "door to door"transportation service independently.

   Shipping Center Industry

In January 24, 2017, the State Council pointed out on <the Approval of Western Development Plan of 13th Five-Year > that actively promote the management of Yangtze River and Wujiang River,and accelerate the construction of Shipping Center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

Cinature Holding Company is planning and constructing the Wujiang River Shipping Center project that consist of "four wharf and four Park", which including the Cruise terminal, Container terminal, Bulk cargo terminal, Ship fuel storage terminal, bonded logistics park, marine science and Technology Park, shipping service park, ship service park.

Cruise Terminal: to berth 2 luxury cruise ships and 20 luxury yacht for the Cinature.

Container Terminal: to berth 70 container ships and operate container liner cargoes for the Cinature.

Bulk Cargo Terminal: to berth the bulk cargo ships and special ships and operate large, long or overweight goods and bulk cargo for the Cinature.

Marine Fuel Storage Terminals: to berth deep the fuel transport vessels and the fuel supply vessels.

Bonded Logistics Park: a comprehensive bonded park that integrated  functions of customs clearance, warehousing and distribution for the goods under customs supervision.

Marine Science and Technology Park: a comprehensive ship Science and Technology park that integrated R&D ,manufacture and sale of marine engine, marine mechanical and electrical equipment and ship electrical control equipment (big data).

Shipping Services Park:a comprehensive shipping service building or park that integrated Business office, cargoes  trading, ship sale, ship chartering, maritime service, customs service, shipping management,maritime arbitration, freight forwarding, shipping agency, legal agency, crew agency.

Ship Services Park: a comprehensive ship service park that integrated ship and crew services of ship repair, fuel supply, waste disposal, sewage treatment, accommodation, catering, shopping and first aid.

    LNG Power Shipping Fleet  We began to implement the plan to build 70 LNG powered ships Under the impetus of the Ministry of transportation LNG ship demonstration project policy and the support of Guizhou provincial Transportation Department green-shippingplan ,We will strive to establish agreen-ship”fleet which will be composed of 100 inland river vessels in next five years. 

    Cinature Shipping Limited Under the dual-support of CINATURE HOLDING by LNG engine manufacturing technology and LNG fuel supply system.We will develop LNG-powered shipping business.We will establish a mainly LNG-powered green-ship fleet and we will manage and operate two maijor container ship lines in the GuiZhou, which can going to sea directly, namely Guiyang-Chongqing-ShanghaiYangtze River shipping route and Guiyang-Guangzhou -HongKong Pearl River shipping route.We can transport the line freight one million ton every day. The main purpose, one is the demonstration and promotion of LNG-powered ship, promote use LNG fuel in the shipping industry, protect the ecological environment of rivers; the second is the operation and management of the Wujiang shipping route, participate in the construction of Wujiang shipping business.Cinature shipping holding limited will cooperate with the Yangtze River shipping company and the province of large ore, phosphorus, aluminum and heavy equipment manufacturing enterprises to operate and manage container shipping routes.We will push the development of LNG power shipping industry in shipping operation and management.

    LNG Powered Shipping Advantages  The inland river including Wujiang shipping competitive advantage is to reduce operating costs, especially fuel and management costs.LNG-powered ships will greatly reduce ship fuel costs, according to preliminary estimates, using LNG as fuel instead of diesel oil, the cost per ton kilometer energy consumption can be reduced by 0.05 yuan per ton.kilometer;One 500-1000 ton ship can save fuel costs at least 50-100 million yuan every year.The energy saving and environmental protection type LNG-powered ship will occupy the Wujiang shipping  market under the support of government policy and the implementation of maritime emissions standards and the contradiction between the large cargo transport demand and reasonable freight.Therefore,Cinature Shippping Holding Limited will vigorously develop LNG powered standard ship for Wujiang to reduce cargo transportation cost, enhance competitive advantage, improve customer profitability, shipping benefits reach the level of the major tributaries of Yangtze River.

 LNG Powered Container Ships Liner Industry In January 2017, the Guizhou provincial development and Reform Commission issued the "Wujiang River Economic Corridor Development Planning", the planning pointed out: Wujiang River Economic Corridor is one strong region of the most development potential, and vitality, and strategic support role, is also an important link of the Guizhou province into the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the link of "The Belt and Road", which should accelerate the development of Wujiang Economic Corridor.

The Cinature Shipping Holding Limited, mainly engaged in the construction, leasing, management and operation of LNG powered vessels. She carried out "the Pilot Projects of Application of LNG" and "the Demonstration Project of LNG Powered Ships", and opening up container liner, and undertaking the LNG ship safety management business for the safe operation of LNG powered ships.

We are building 70 LNG power container ships, to develop and operate the "Guiyang - Chongqing - Shanghai - International", " to achieve the ability of a daily cargo volume of 10 thousand tons.

We have A management team with deep professional backgroundSufficient container cargoes and bulk cargoesSpecialized container ship fleetFreight port and transport terminal Liner cooperator and agency.


 Wujiang Standard LNG powered Container Ship

                                                                                                                                       Ship Dept