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   Cinature gas power Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Is a  Cinature LNG  holding company of a joint stock company, with the advanced research and development, experiment, production and assembly of equipment and plant, mainly the production of small ship LNG single-fuel engine, ship LNG dual-fuel engine, marine diesel engine, land gas (natural gas, vanse)generator and gas turbine etc, ship engines won the CCS Chongqing Branch plant type certification, land engines won the related to security department approval.Cinature gas powers industry corp, is the building 《GuiZhou province LNG engine manufacturing base 》main company ,is one of the key enterprises of the GuiZhou province development of “modern manufacturing industry, high-end manufacturing industry,green manufacturing industry”.

    One、Cinature gas powers industry corporation, with annual output of 2000 sets of ship LNG fuel engine production capacity ,the factory covers an area of 120 acres, with factory and workshop about 31000㎡, of which the machine workshop about 4800㎡, complete the workshop about 5300 ㎡, tool workshop about 3100㎡, metalworking workshop about 2050㎡, Multi-functional laboratory 1000㎡ and supporting workshop about 14750㎡, all kinds of manufacturing equipment have reached 510 sets. Long been engaged in power manufacturing industry of high-quality and high level talents, both R & D, manufacturing or processing, has the advanced level in the same industry.

Two、Marine LNG Duel Fuel Engines

The joint venture manufacturer is mainly manufacturing of medium and small LNG fuel engine and dieselengine, the main products are model 6135,model 6138,model 6170,model 8170 and model 6210 etc, the LNG dual fuel engine has been configured with micro ignition electric control system that produced in R & D cooperation, which fuel substitution rate reached more than 90% in safe and reliable operation.

Three、LNG Powered Ships

Under the full investment of Cinature Holding ,the 70 LNG powered ships with 1000 ton capacity are building by China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, and being launched in succession to create conditions for building green shipping routes and developing low-carbon shipping industry.

Four、Ships Electric Control System

Cinature Holding and Harbin Engineering University, to jointly promote the international advanced level of LNG electronic control system of dual fuel engine, the development of the "micro ignition system" has reached the domestic advanced level in the double index of "Energy Saving and Emission Reducing " and "Safety and Stability".Both company jointly promote the development of the "Big data Internet plus" model in LNG powered ships as the main shipping, and actively develop the “Green Shipping Internet”that adapt to the characteristics of LNG powered ship, and reached the international advanced level in the both indicators of "ship automation" and "shipping network".

Five、Ship Distributed Energy System

Cinature Holding and CSIC 704 Institute of Science, jointly promote the LNG power distribution system on LNG powered ships of the Cinature , to carry out the test and development of the LNG fuel second energy utilization through the“Cold Energy Conversion, BOG Collection, Exhaust Gas Recirculation”, and catch up with the world advanced level in the development of the ship " Distributed Energy Equipment and Second Energy utilization ".


     Cinature gas powered Technology Co. Ltd. under the support of Beijing Aerospace Power Research Institute and Harbin Engineering University R & D capabilities and conditions of science and technology, has successfully developed the with completely independent intellectual property rights of the series of marine gas engine electronic control system, the technical level of domestic leading, the advanced of international, and has been applied to our naval ships, civilian ships, land power station of air force and army , and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Choose the suitable change of China inland-river 6138、6170 for the performance of the electronic control system of engine test models with wide application of ship and the effect is significant,at the same time for the dual-fuel engine performance test requirements, test equipment added high precision oil and gas flow-meter and five component portable emissions measurement testers. The single-point gas injection, multi-point gas injection and different injection position and shape, fuel oil and gas CO injection control strategy, speed closed-loop control and composite adjust speed control, key components of the design, all operating conditions of different operation modes (economic model, emission model, speed model etc.) research on the key technology of fuel replacement rate optimization, successfully developed the ship LNG fuel engine intelligent management system (including fuel oil and gas control, monitoring the running state of the system, fault diagnosis, safety protection, data recording, information management and other functions).
    LNG engine intelligent electronic control system and corresponding LNG fuel engine both have acheived the CCS type approval.



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